FAQ - ARSTYL® Wall Panels


What material are ARSTYL® WALL PANELS made from?
ARSTYL® WALL PANELS consist of high-density polyurethane foam and are coated in the factory with a matt white base coat on an acrylate basis.

The dimensions of the DOMINO, ICON, BUMP, LIQUID and WAVE models are 1135 mm x 380 mm per panel.
The CUBE model is a little narrower at 1135 mm x 350 mm.
There is a tolerance of +/- 5mm.

How are the ARSTYL® WALL PANELS packed?
The ARSTYL® WALL PANELS are packed in a box (approx. 1200 x 400 x 150 mm).
Because the thickness of the panels varies, the quantities vary from model to model.
DOMINO: 4 pces/box
CUBE: 6 pces/box
ICON: 3 pces/box
BUMP: 3 pces/box
LIQUID: 6 pces/box
WAVE: 7 pces/box

How heavy are ARSTYL® WALL PANELS?
The individual panels weigh between 1200 g and 3000 g depending on the model.

Are ARSTYL® WALL PANELS used for thermal or acoustic insulation?
ARSTYL® WALL PANELS are used for three-dimensional and creative wall decoration. The raw material used, polyurethane, has a thermal conductivity of 0.06 W/mK. Their thin wall structure means that ARSTYL® WALL PANELS are not classified as insulating products. In addition, they do not have an integrated moisture barrier. If ARSTYL® WALL PANELS are used on uninsulated exterior walls, however, the dew point may shift, and a damp-proofing inspection by an expert may be necessary. Their geometry gives the panels acoustic properties, but these have not yet been measured.

Where can ARSTYL® WALL PANELS be obtained?
ARSTYL® WALL PANELS are available from NMC dealers.

Please contact your NMC dealer for prices.


How should the ARSTYL® WALL PANELS be stored temporarily?
ARSTYL® WALL PANELS must be stored flat in a dry place. The recommended temperature is +15 °C to +25°C with a relative humidity of 45% to 65%.

What substrate is suitable for the installation of ARSTYL® WALL PANELS?
The following backing surfaces are suitable: indoor plastered or papered surfaces, coated plaster. Surfaces must be clean, dry, free from dust, degreased and flat; rough down if necessary. Where ARSTYL® WALL PANELS are being used on uninsulated outside walls, the dew point may shift, and an expert moisture protection assessment may be necessary.

Can ARSTYL® WALL PANELS be installed in the vicinity of a heat source?
Yes, although the temperature in the vicinity of the heat source must not exceed 70 °C. The panels must not come into contact with an open flame.

Can ARSTYL® WALL PANELS be installed in the bathroom?
The panels can be installed in bathrooms, but they must not come into direct contact with water. If you have any queries about installation, please refer to an NMC advisor. They cannot be fitted in wet areas such as swimming pools, Turkish baths, saunas, etc.

Can ARSTYL® WALL PANELS be installed on the ceiling?
The panels can be installed on the ceiling, but they will need to be fixed mechanically as well as with adhesive.

Are ARSTYL® WALL PANELS suitable for use outside?
ARSTYL® WALL PANELS have been developed for indoor use. They cannot be used outside.

How can ARSTYL® WALL PANELS be cut to size?
The panels can be cut to size using a hand saw with alignment beam or a hand cross saw with a bar. We do not recommend mitre cuts, because they are very hard to achieve. Holes and cut outs can be made with standard hole saws, angular cut outs with a jig saw. The back of the wall panels is uneven and has cavities. If a panel is mounted such that a cut-side remains visible, it can be smoothly filled with ADEFIX® PLUS and ADEFIX®. In this case, make sure that the upper surface levelling coat is made only with ADEFIX®.


What is the fire rating of ARSTYL® WALL PANELS?
ARSTYL® WALL PANELS are rated in Euroclass E as per DIN EN 13 501-1.

Do ARSTYL® WALL PANELS give off any substances that are dangerous to health?
ARSTYL® WALL PANELS meet the European standards and give off no substances dangerous to health according to AgBB/DIBt Prüfung, the French VOC and CMR regulation and the Belgian VOC regulation.